Nilsu Paste

This is a public pastebin server. You may upload files up to 10MB in size and have them shared publicly. FTP is used to upload files to the server.


Uploading is quite simple. Using your favourite FTP client you can ftp, cd incoming (the public upload directory), and put file.whatever then run sha1sum file.whatever on your file and the public address will be

To make uploading a bit quicker I wrote a tiny client that FTPs the file to the server, calculates the hash, and prints what the resulting url should be. You can combine pcf with other programs to do cool stuff. Like take a screenshot, upload it, and put the url in your clipboard.

scrot -q 85 /tmp/scrot.png && pcf /tmp/scrot.png | xclip -in -selection c


An FTP server configured to allow public uploads into the incoming directory. That public FTP directory is watched with incrond. Incrond is configured to run a script when new files are placed in the public FTP directory. The script checks that the file is under 10Mb. Then it caculates the sha1sum of the file and renames + moves the file into the web server’s public directory.

Additionally the server uses cron to run another script which checks if the disk usage is above a certain percentage. If so it deletes uploaded files based on age * size.

With basic server knowledge you should be able to duplicate this for yourself (and even have your own private version if you’d like). Then you can set your pcf environment variable to your ip/hostname and you’re golden!